Visual English 8
Unit 8
Exam revision
Travel and Tourism


πŸ“˜ Class 8 Final Primary School Revision Overview: Transport and Travel Delve into an extensive revision guide for Class 8 students focused on the Transport and Travel Unit.


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Means of Transport
Types of Vehicles:
Icons: πŸš— (car), 🚲 (bike), πŸš€ (spaceship), 🚁 (helicopter)
Attributes of Transport:
Describing speed, cost, and comfort of different transportation modes.

Accommodation on Vacation
Types of Accommodations:
Visuals: 🏨 (hotel), β›Ί (campsite), 🏠 (bungalow)
Discuss where you would stay on vacation and why.
Evaluate the comfort and cost of various accommodations.
Facilities – What do you need on vacation?

Vacation Essentials: Icons: 🍽️ (dining), 🏊 (swimming pool), πŸ’» (Wi-Fi)
Importance of Facilities: Identify key amenities needed for a satisfying vacation experience.

Sightseeing in the City
Exploring Landmarks:
Visuals: πŸŒ‰ (bridge), 🏰 (castle), πŸ–ΌοΈ (art gallery)
Interactive Learning: List attractions you can see near your home and ones you’re interested in visiting.

Vacation Problems
Common Travel Issues:
Scenarios: Lost luggage, Overweight bags, Delayed flights
Problem-Solving: Translate and solve typical travel problems using practical language skills.

Sightseeing in London
Famous Sites:
Landmarks: 🎑 (London Eye), πŸ›οΈ (British Museum), β›ͺ (Westminster Abbey)
Cultural Appreciation: Recognize and describe major tourist attractions in London and their significance.

Exam Revision: Practical Writing Tasks
Travel Writing Exercises: Scenarios: Writing about past vacations, planning future trips, describing sightseeing experiences