Visual English 8
Unit 7
Exam revision
Shopping and Services


📘 Class 8 Final Primary School Revision Overview: Shopping and Services Explore an extensive revision guide for Class 8 students focusing on the Shopping and Services Unit.


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Types of Shops
Variety of Retail Outlets: Icons: 🥖 (bakery), 👗 (clothes shop), 📚 (bookshop) Interactive Questions:
Which shops can you see near your house?
What shops do you think are very important?

Services People Give
Types of Services Offered:
Visuals: 💇 (hairdresser), 🧑‍🔧 (mechanic), 👩‍⚕️ (doctor) Matching Services to Professionals:
Match service providers to the services they offer.

Section 7.3: Money and Payments
Understanding Financial Transactions: Content: Discounts, Payment Methods, Pricing Offers Consumer Skills:
Preferences for payment methods and understanding sales promotions.

At the Supermarket
Navigating a Supermarket:
Layouts: Dairy aisle, Bakery, Frozen food section Questions About Shopping Habits:
Where do you usually shop for groceries?
Who does the shopping in your household?

Numbers and Prices
Practical Math Skills:
Examples: Calculating discounts, Understanding prices in different formats Application:
Translate numerical values and price tags.

Section 7.6: Complaints and Returns
Customer Service Skills: Form: Returns and Complaints Procedure Scenarios:
Handling different types of customer complaints and returns.

Shop Signs and Notices
Deciphering Store Communications:
Content: Types of sales signs and store notices Translation and Application:
Translate and understand various shop signs and their meanings.

Exam Revision: Practical Writing Tasks
Customer Service Writing Exercises:
Scenarios: Writing responses to customer inquiries and complaints Skill Building:
Develop written communication skills through simulated customer service situations.