Visual English 8
Unit 6
Exam revision


📘 Class 8 Final Primary School Revision Overview: Food and Cooking dives into an expansive revision guide for Class 8 students focusing on the Food and Cooking Unit.


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Meals of the Day
Meal Times and Preferences:

Icons: 🌅 (morning), 🌞 (afternoon), 🌜 (evening)
Questions and Preferences:
What times do you have your meals?
What are your favourite places to eat?
How do you prefer to order food (home delivery, take-away, eating out)?

In the Restaurant
Navigating Menu and Orders:

Content: Appetizers, Main Courses, Desserts, Beverages
Interactions and Transactions:
How to order in a restaurant.
Understanding billing and tipping etiquette.

Food Stalls – Food Chains
Exploring Fast Food Options:

Visuals: 🍔 (burgers), 🍕 (pizza), 🌮 (tacos)
Favourite Chains and Eating Habits:
Discussion about popular food chains and preferences for eating out versus eating at home.

Tasting Food
Describing Food Textures and Tastes:

Descriptors: Sweet, Sour, Crunchy, Spicy, Fresh
Food Preferences:
How do different flavors and textures influence food preferences?

Types of Food
Variety of Food Groups:

Icons: 🥐 (bakery goods), 🍇 (berries), 🥦 (vegetables), 🍖 (meat)
Nutrition and Choices:
Learn about different food types and their nutritional values.

Food Packaging
Common Packaging Terms:

Visuals: Packet, Tin, Jar, Box, Bottle
Usage Examples:
Understanding different types of food packaging and their uses.

Cooking Tools and Methods
Kitchen Tools and Techniques:

Icons: 🍳 (frying pan), 🔪 (knife), 🥄 (spoon)
Cooking Methods:
Various cooking methods like baking, frying, grilling, and their appropriate tools.

Pancake Recipe
Step-by-Step Cooking Instructions:

Steps: Mixing Ingredients, Cooking Process, Serving
Interactive Learning:
Follow a simple pancake recipe through illustrated steps.

Kitchen Utensils and Appliances
Identifying Kitchen Essentials:

Icons: 🍴 (fork), 🥣 (bowl), 🥤 (blender)