Visual English 8
Unit 11
Exam revision


📘 Class 8 Final Primary School Revision Overview: Explore a comprehensive revision guide for Class 8 students centred on the Health Unit.


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Body Parts: Anatomy Basics:
Icons: 👁️ (eye), 👂 (ear), 💪 (muscle), ❤️ (heart)
Identify major body parts and their basic functions.

What Your Body Can Do
Body Functions and Actions:

Visuals: 😭 (crying), 😴 (sleeping), 🤧 (sneezing)
Discuss different bodily functions and what triggers them.

What is the Matter?
Health Issues and Remedies:

Content: Common ailments like coughs and colds, appropriate treatments like bandages or herbal teas.
Symptom and Solution Matching:
Match symptoms with their correct treatments using visual aids.

Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Habits and Recommendations:

Suggestions: 🚴 (exercise), 🥦 (eating healthy), 😴 (getting enough sleep)
Health Scenarios:
Offer advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through everyday decisions.

Jobs in Healthcare
Exploring Medical Professions:

Roles: 👩‍⚕️ (doctor), 💊 (pharmacist), 🏥 (nurse)
Professional Responsibilities:
Understand the roles and duties of various healthcare professionals.

Email Writing Practice:
Scenarios: Writing to inform about a sickness, proposing health improvements.