Visual English 7
Unit 7
Can you DIY


Get ready to DIY with the “Can You DIY?” unit! 🛠️ Dive into basic skills like hammering, painting, and measuring. Whether fixing a leaky tap or hanging shelves, this unit builds confidence for home projects. Let’s build, fix, and create together! 🏡🔧


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This unit is designed to empower students with DIY skills that they can use to enhance their environments and solve everyday problems creatively and efficiently! 🛠️✨
Tool Introduction:
🔨 Hammer: For hitting nails.
🔧 Screwdriver: For turning screws.
📏 Tape Measure: For measuring lengths.
🔩 Pliers: For gripping and bending materials.
🪚 Saw: For cutting wood.
🖌️ Paint Roller: For painting walls.
🛠️ Toolbox: For storing all your tools.
DIY Tasks and Tools Needed:
🚿 Plumbing: Understand what tools are essential for fixing pipes.
🪛 Drilling: Learn which tools help in making holes in walls.
💡 Changing Light Bulbs: Identify simple tools for electrical tasks.
🎨 Painting Walls: Discuss the tools for a fresh coat of paint.
📚 Putting Up Shelves: Explore tools needed for installing shelves.
🏠 Floor Panelling: Get to know tools for laying down floor panels.
🖼️ Hanging Pictures: Figure out which tools help hang decor neatly.
🔧 Fixing Appliances: Learn basic electrical repair tools.
Practical Applications:
Each section provides scenarios for practical application of tools and tasks, fostering problem-solving skills and hands-on learning.