Visual English 7
Unit 2
Crazy looks


Welcome to the “Crazy Looks” unit! Dive into the world of unique personal styles, perfect for ESL learners. Explore piercings, tattoos, wild hairstyles, and fashion subcultures. Engage in colorful conversations, learn new vocabulary, and maybe even get inspired to try a new look yourself! 💇‍♂️💄 💃


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This unit not only helps students expand their English vocabulary but also encourages them to express themselves and respect diverse forms of self-expression. Ready to explore the vibrant world of crazy looks? Let’s make our way through this stylishly wild unit! 🌟👗

Personal Modifications:
💍 Piercings: Discuss different types of body piercings.
💇 Hairstyles: From mohawks to cornrows and afros.
🎨 Tattoos: The art of permanent and temporary tattoos.
💅 Painted Nails: Explore the creativity in nail art.
🏋️‍♂️ Body Building: The culture and aesthetics of bodybuilding.
Fashion Styles:
🤘 Metal Heads: Studded jackets, tight jeans, and big boots.
🎸 Punk Rockers: Brightly dyed hair, piercings, and punk attire.
🌑 Goths: Dark elegant clothes with silver jewelry.
🌺 Hippies: Tie-dye, beads, and a relaxed vibe.
🚴 Bikers: Leather gear and protective accessories.
Cultural and Trendy Styles:
🎤 Hip Hop: Loose clothes, hoodies, and lots of gold jewelry.
🌱 Rasta: Dreadlocks and natural fabrics in red, black, green, and gold.
🕶️ Hipsters: Trendy, often mismatched fashion choices.
📽️ Retro: Vintage outfits inspired by old films and books.
🗾 Japanese Street Fashion: Anime-inspired, bright, and bold looks.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice describing someone’s outfit or discussing your own style preferences.
Discussion Questions: What does your style say about you? How do fashion choices reflect personality or culture?
Vocabulary Games: “Guess the Style” where students describe or act out different fashion subcultures for others to guess.