Visual English 7
Unit 16
Eating out


Embark on the tasty journey of “Eating Out Adventures”! 🍴🍔 This ESL unit makes learning fun with conversations about food choices, taste descriptions, and dining experiences. From takeout to fancy restaurants, get ready for a flavorful language journey! 🌮🥗


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This unit is perfect for ESL learners to practice everyday English in a fun and engaging way, helping them gain confidence in their language skills while enjoying the universal love of food. Let’s eat out and chat in English! 🌐🍜
Dining Preferences:
🏠 Home Cooked vs. Eating Out: Discuss preferences and who cooks at home.
🍽️ Eating Out: Explore how often and where students prefer to eat outside.
Types of Eating Out:
🍟 Restaurant Chains: Talk about favorite restaurant chains and their locations.
🚚 Food Stalls, Trucks, and Vans: Share experiences of casual dining at food trucks and stalls.
📞 Takeaway and Home Delivery: Discuss options for ordering food to eat at home.
Describing Food:
🍬 Tastes: Sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and more.
🍌 Texture and Ripeness: Soft, hard, ripe, unripe.
🥚 Freshness: Fresh vs. stale food descriptions.
🥤 Beverages: Sparkling vs. still drinks.
🥣 Healthy vs. Unhealthy: Identifying food that is good or bad for health.
Advanced Food Descriptions:
😋 Delicious vs. Disgusting: Personal likes and dislikes.
🥩 Cooking Levels: Well done to raw.
🍕 Describe Specific Dishes: Pizza, salad, kebabs, dumplings, etc.
Practical Eating Out Scenarios:
📖 Booking a Table: How to make a reservation.
🕒 Ordering Meals: Choosing appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and desserts.
💳 Paying and Tipping: Handling the bill and tipping etiquette.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Students can practice ordering food in a restaurant scenario, asking about menu items, and expressing dietary preferences.
Discussion Questions: What’s your favourite food to eat out? How do you decide where to eat? Describe a memorable meal you had at a restaurant.
Vocabulary Games: Word matching for food adjectives, taste testing games to describe flavours, and memory games with menu items.