Visual English 7
Unit 14
Social problems


Explore “Navigating Social Issues” in ESL conversations! 🌐 From addiction to homelessness, dive into modern social challenges and solutions. Let’s understand our social landscape together! 🧠🌍


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This unit is not only educational but also encourages empathy, understanding, and proactive engagement with social issues. By examining these challenges, students can appreciate the complexities of societal problems and consider how they might contribute to solutions. Ready to make a difference? Let’s impact our world positively! 🌍💬
Bullet-Point Summary with Icons:
☕ Coffee Addiction: Explore the prevalence and impact of caffeine dependency.
🎮 Gaming Addiction: Investigate the effects of excessive gaming.
🛍️ Shopping Addiction: Discuss the compulsive need to shop and its consequences.
📱 Social Media Addiction: Examine how social media can dominate lives.
🚬 Smoking Addiction: Look into tobacco use and its health risks.
🍷 Alcohol Addiction: Understand the dangers of alcohol abuse.
📺 TV Addiction: Consider the impact of too much screen time.
💊 Drug Addiction: Analyze the severe consequences of drug use.
Social Challenges:
🏫 Bullying: Address the issue of bullying in schools and communities.
🚓 Crime: Discuss crime rates and the role of law enforcement.
🏕️ Refugee Camps: Explore the conditions and necessities of refugee camps.
🐾 Animal Shelters: Talk about the importance of caring for abandoned animals.
🚶 Homelessness: Review the causes and effects of homelessness.
📉 Unemployment: Delve into the impacts of joblessness on individuals and society.
🛑 Road Accidents: Highlight the frequency and prevention of road accidents.
💰 Poverty: Consider the struggles of living in poverty and societal impacts.
Writing about events:
🤝 Charity Events: Plan and participate in events to support various social causes.