Visual English 7
Unit 13
Places in the city


Join the “Let’s Explore the City” unit for ESL learners! 🌆🏙️ Tour essential city spots, from lively railway stations to market squares. Whether catching a train or shopping, this unit guides you through diverse city locations. Ready to explore your city’s offerings? Let’s go! 🚶‍♂️🌃


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This unit not only familiarizes you with the city’s infrastructure but also enriches your understanding of its vibrant life and how each place connects to create a functioning urban environment. Ready to navigate through the city’s bustling streets? 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️
Transportation Hubs:
🚉 Railway Station: Gateway to adventures in and out of the city.
🚌 Bus Station: Connect to various parts of the city effortlessly.
✈️ Airport: Start point for international escapades.
⛽ Petrol Station: Refuel for your next urban adventure.
Shopping and Commerce:
🛍️ Market Square: Experience the local flavor with shops and eateries.
🛒 Shopping Mall: Modern shopping with a mix of retail, dining, and entertainment options.
Civic and Public Services:
🏢 Town Hall: Engage with local government and public announcements.
🚒 Fire Station and 👮 Police Station: Learn about city safety and public services.
🏥 Hospital: Critical for health and emergency services.
Legal and Correctional Facilities:
⚖️ Court: Witness the judicial process firsthand.
🏛️ Prison: Understand the justice system’s role in society.
Leisure and Entertainment:
🎭 Theater: Catch a play, ballet, or musical performance.
🎞️ Cinema: Enjoy the latest movies in a big-screen experience.
🏞️ Parks: Relax, play, or jog in green spaces within the city.
🎳 Entertainment Complexes: Visit arcades, bowling alleys, and family fun centers.
🎨 Art Galleries: Immerse yourself in contemporary and classic art exhibits.
🎻 Concert Halls: Experience live music from symphonies to rock concerts.