Visual English 7
Unit 10
Are you sporty?


Get ready for the “Get Sporty!” unit! πŸ…πŸ€ Explore various sports activities, from goals to tracks. Learn where athletes play, whether team-based or individual. Dive into the dynamic world of sports in fun, interactive ways! 🎾🏈


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This unit is perfect for students to get to know different sports, understand the physical and mental benefits, and perhaps discover a new passion or hobby! Ready, set, play! πŸš€πŸŽ½
Ball Sports:
⚽ Football/Soccer: Team sport played on a pitch.
🏐 Volleyball: Can be indoor or beach; team sport.
🎾 Tennis: Played on a court; can be individual or doubles.
πŸ€ Basketball: Fast-paced team sport played on a court.
πŸ’ Ice Hockey: Played in a rink; a high-energy team sport.
Individual Sports and Fitness:
🚴 Cycling: Can be on a track or road; individual or team.
πŸƒ Running: Great for solo or group activities; often on a track.
🏊 Swimming: Can be in pools or open water; individual or team.
πŸ›Ή Skateboarding: Often done on slopes or in parks; individual sport.
β›΅ Sailing: Done on seas or lakes; can be solo or crewed.
⛸️ Ice Skating: Performed in rinks; both artistic and speed variants.
πŸ„ Surfing: Takes place on seas; challenging and thrilling.
Exercise and Martial Arts:
🧘 Yoga: Focuses on flexibility and mind; performed in gyms or studios.
πŸ₯‹ Karate: A disciplined martial art practised in dojos.
πŸ₯Š Boxing: Intense combat sport practised in rings.
Sports Venues:
🏟️ Specific venues like football pitches, tennis courts, ice rinks, and more, tailored for each sport.