Visual English 7
Unit 1
What’s on screen


Explore the “Film Fanatics” unit! Dive into film genres, favorite movies, and industry vocabulary. Enhance English skills with lively discussions about actors and special effects. Get ready for film magic in your classroom! 🎬🍿


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This unit is perfect for film lovers and ESL learners alike, providing a fun and interactive way to discuss cinema while improving English comprehension and speaking skills. Ready to explore the art of filmmaking and express your opinions on the latest blockbusters? Let’s go to the movies! 🎥🍿

Film Genres:
🌍 Adventure, Action, Sci-fi: Discover what makes these genres captivating.
🎭 Drama, Romance, Comedy: Explore the emotional and humorous aspects of cinema.
🎥 Historical, Biographical, War: Discuss films that bring history to life.
🐉 Fantasy, Horror, Thriller: Delve into the imaginative and thrilling sides of movies.
Film Experiences:
🍿 Cinema vs. Home: Debate the merits of watching movies at the cinema versus at home.
🎟️ Film Premieres and Festivals: Learn what goes on during these exciting events.
Behind the Scenes:
🎬 Roles in Filmmaking: From directors to sound engineers, explore who does what on a film set.
📽️ Stages of Film Production: Discuss the process from screenplay writing to editing.
🧥 Costume and Set Design: Understand the creative process behind the visuals on screen.
Practical Film Discussions:
🗣️ Favourite Films and Actors: Share personal preferences and learn how to describe film plots.
📊 Film Reviews: Practice giving opinions and summarizing film plots.
💥 Special Effects: Talk about the technology that makes modern movies spectacular.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice buying film tickets, ordering snacks at the cinema, or discussing a film with a friend.
Discussion Questions: What’s your all-time favourite film and why? How do special effects enhance or detract from a film?
Vocabulary Games: Match film genres with their definitions, or guess the film from plot descriptions.