Visual English 6
Unit 9
What just happened?


Explore the intriguing “What Happened?” unit, where ESL students dive into the present perfect through exciting narratives and personal experiences. 📖 This unit helps learners discuss recent events with engaging stories and activities. 🌟


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This unit offers a dynamic and interactive way to improve English fluency by focusing on experiences and actions. It’s perfect for learners to reflect on their own lives while practising their present perfect grammatical skills. Ready to travel back in time with your English? Let’s find out what happened! 🕰️🔍

📱 Break – Broke – Broken: Talk about things that were broken, like phones or bones.
✂️ Cut – Cut – Cut: Discuss experiences involving cutting hair or other items.
🏆 Win – Won – Won: Share stories of winning prizes or competitions.
🏗️ Build – Built – Built: Explore memories of building objects like sand castles or snowmen.
🍴 Make – Made – Made: Recall times when cooking or creating something at home.
🎁 Give – Gave – Given: Discuss instances of giving gifts or helping others.
🛍️ Get – Got – Got: Remember receiving items or experiencing something new.
🎬 See – Saw – Seen: Talk about movies seen or sights witnessed.
🗣️ Speak – Spoke – Spoken: Review conversations had in different languages or settings.
🤒 Feel – Felt – Felt: Describe physical or emotional feelings from past days.
🍂 Fall – Fell – Fallen: Recall slipping or tripping incidents.
🏃 Lose – Lost – Lost: Share frustrating moments of losing items like keys or money.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Create scenarios where students narrate a past event using the target verbs.
Have you ever Questions: Have you ever lost something important? What did you feel when you won something significant?
Fun Activities:
Story Building: Each student adds a sentence to a story, using a past tense verb, building a creative and cohesive narrative.
Guess the Verb: Display pictures depicting different actions and have students guess the correct verb in its past form.