Visual English 6
Unit 3
Life in the future


Welcome to the “Life in the Future” unit! Designed for ESL learners, this module encourages imaginative discussions about future scenarios in English. From futuristic tech to personal milestones like careers and family, spark engaging conversations about the future. 🚀🌟


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This unit is a fantastic opportunity for learners to practice future tenses, learn new vocabulary about technological advances, and engage in creative thinking about what life might hold decades from now. Ready to explore the exciting possibilities of the future? Let’s zoom into tomorrow! 🌟🕰ī¸
Future Technologies:
🤖 Human Androids and Robot Pets: Discuss the role of robotics in daily life.
🚗 Flying Cars and Cities: Imagine the transformation of transportation and urban living.
🧠 Brain Chips: Explore advances in neurotechnology.
🍴 3D Food Printers: Speculate on new ways of preparing food.
🌊 Underwater Cities: Consider the possibilities of aquatic living spaces.
🌐 Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming and Online Schools: Discuss the evolution of education and entertainment.
🕹ī¸ Teleportation and Time Travel: Debate the potential and implications of these technologies.
Personal Future Predictions:
🎓 Education Path: From nursery to university.
đŸ’ŧ Career Goals: What jobs will be like and what industries might flourish.
💞 Relationship Milestones: Dating, marriage, and family life.
🏡 Home Ownership: Discuss whether to buy a home domestically or abroad.
🧓 Retirement Plans: When and how one might want to retire.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice discussing future plans like buying a house, choosing a career, or planning a family.
Discussion Questions: What do you think homes will look like in 100 years? How will we travel to work or school?
Vocabulary Games: “Future Tech Bingo” with words and phrases related to future innovations.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Future Home: Draw or describe using English, focusing on incorporating futuristic elements.
Time Capsule Letters: Write letters to your future self detailing your current life and predicting your future.
Debate: Will the future be better with advanced technology or more traditional ways?