Visual English 6
Unit 13
At the airport


Get ready to embark on a linguistic journey with the “At the Airport” unit! This module introduces essential airport vocabulary and traveller scenarios. From check-in to take-off, students learn to communicate effectively in English during air travels, boosting vocabulary and confidence. ✈️🌍


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This unit is ideal for preparing students for real-world travel scenarios, making navigating through airports an exciting and less daunting part of their English learning journey. Ready to take off into new language territories? Let’s check in and learn together! πŸŒπŸ›«

Airport Basics:
🏒 Terminals: Understanding the difference between departure and arrival terminals.
πŸ›‚ Check-In Desk: Discuss the process of showing passports, tickets, and checking luggage.
πŸ›„ Baggage Reclaim: Learn how to collect luggage after a flight.
Airport Locations:
🍽️ Food Court: Where to eat and what you can find to eat at the airport.
πŸ›‹οΈ Waiting Hall and Lounge: Places where passengers wait before their flights.
πŸš“ Security Check: Procedures for ensuring safety on flights.
πŸ›ƒ Passport Control: The process of verifying travel documents.
Boarding and Onboard:
πŸšͺ Departure Gate: Where passengers wait right before boarding the plane.
✈️ Boarding the Plane: Steps from boarding to finding your seat.
πŸͺ‘ Seats in the Plane: Preferences between window, middle, and aisle seats.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays
: Practice checking in at the airport, ordering food in the food court, or asking for flight information.
Discussion Questions: What do you find most challenging about air travel? How do you pass the time while waiting for your flight?
Vocabulary Games: “Airport Scavenger Hunt” where students find items or locations based on vocabulary clues.
Fun Activities:
Airport Announcement Interpretation
: Students listen to or read typical airport announcements and explain what they mean.