Visual English 5
Unit 5
Winter Fun


Get ready to explore the joys of winter with the “Winter Wonderland Activities” unit! ❄️ This fun ESL module dives into snowy season activities, from making snowmen to skiing. Students enhance language skills while discussing the excitement of winter sports! 🎿🌨️


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This unit not only teaches about the different ways to enjoy winter but also engages students in exciting discussions, enhancing their English vocabulary and conversational skills related to seasonal activities. Ready to bundle up and dive into winter fun? Let’s hit the snow! β„οΈπŸš€

Fun Winter Activities:
β˜ƒοΈ Making Snowmen: Discuss the steps and joy involved in creating a snowman.
πŸ›· Sledging: Explore the thrill of sliding down hills on sledges.
🌨️ Throwing Snowballs: Talk about playing and the fun of snowball fights.
⛸️ Ice Skating: Describe the experience and skills needed for skating on ice.
🎿 Skiing: Discuss equipment and the excitement of skiing on snowy slopes.
Creative Snow Activities:
🏰 Building Snow Castles: Share the creativity and teamwork in constructing snow fortresses.
🧘 Making Snow Angels: Talk about the fun and simple pleasure of making snow angels.
🐟 Ice Fishing: Explore how ice fishing is done and what makes it unique.
πŸ‚ Snowboarding: Discuss the techniques and thrills of snowboarding.
🎒 Snow Tubing: Describe the fun of tubing down snowy hills.
Special Winter Experiences:
πŸ›· Riding on a Sleigh: Explore the nostalgic and fun experience of sleigh rides.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice planning a winter holiday, discussing what to wear and how to prepare for winter sports.
Discussion Questions: What winter activity would you like to try and why? Which activity do you think is the most challenging?
Vocabulary Games: “Winter Word Association” where students match winter activities with the correct equipment and “Guess the Activity” based on descriptions.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Winter Gear: Students design and describe their ideal winter outfit for their favourite activity.
Winter Diaries: Write a diary entry about a memorable day spent doing a winter activity.
Winter Activity Polls: Conduct class polls to find out the most and least popular winter activities among students.