Visual English 5
Unit 3
Are you a gamer?


Level up your English with the “Are You a Gamer?” unit! 🎮🚀 Perfect for gaming enthusiasts, it covers expressing opinions, game types, and platforms. Whether solo or multiplayer, talk about gaming experiences in English for a fun learning journey!


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This unit is ideal for gamers who want to enhance their English skills while discussing a topic they love. Ready to game on and level up your English? Let’s press start and dive into the world of gaming! 🌟👾

Gaming Preferences:
🤔 Expressing Opinions: I like, I love, I enjoy, I don’t mind, I hate, I can’t stand.
🕒 Frequency of Play: Every day, weekends, often, sometimes, seldom, never.
Social Gaming Dynamics:
👥 Play Alone or With Others: Alone, with friends, or with family.
📱 Gaming Platforms: Telephone, laptop, computer, tablet, game console, arcade game.
Interaction Methods:
🖱️ Using Devices: Keyboard and mouse, game pad, or using fingers.
Game Types and Preferences:
🎮 Types of Games: Platform, fighting, puzzle, strategy, life simulation, sci-fi, horror, sports, war, animated, racing, shooting, board games, dance, fantasy, adventure.
🏆 Preferences: Single player, double player, multiplayer games.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Simulate buying a new game, discussing favourite games, or planning a gaming event.
Discussion Questions: What makes a video game great? How do video games impact society?
Vocabulary Games: “Game Genre Match-Up” where students connect game types with their characteristics, or “Opinion Relay” where they express their feelings about different games.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Own Game: Students create a game concept, including the name, type, cost, platform, number of players, main characters, and storyline.
Gaming Debate: Host a debate on topics like “Are video games art?” or “Can video games be educational?”
Video Game Reviews: Write a review of their favourite game, discussing its gameplay, graphics, and overall experience.