Visual English 5
Unit 16
Sound of music


🎶 🎸 Dive into “The Sounds of Music” unit! This ESL module introduces musical instruments, musicians, and activities. Express musical interests and experiences in English. 🎵🎻


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This unit not only broadens students’ understanding of music but also enhances their ability to discuss and share their musical experiences, making English learning both enjoyable and culturally enriching. Ready to tune into English through music? Let’s hit play! 🌟🎶

Introduction to Instruments:
🎸 Guitar: Discuss the basics and the joy of strumming.
🎹 Piano: Explore the range and versatility of the piano.
🥁 Drum Set: Dive into the rhythm and energy of playing drums.
🎻 Violin: Consider the classical sounds of the violin.
🎷 Saxophone: Delve into the smooth jazz vibes of the saxophone.
Playing and Learning Music:
📚 Music Lessons: Do students take lessons at school or privately?
🎼 Reading Music: Discuss the ability to read sheet music.
🎤 Singing: Explore vocal talents and singing abilities.
🎧 Music Listening Habits: When and where students enjoy listening to music.
Types of Musicians:
🎤 Singer: A person who vocalizes music.
🎷 Instrumentalist: Those who play specific musical instruments.
🎧 DJ (Disc Jockey): A person who plays music for audiences.
🎸 Guitarist: Specifically focuses on playing the guitar.
🎻 Orchestra: A large group of instrumental musicians.
Musical Genres and Preferences:
🎵 Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical: Discuss various music genres.
🤔 Preferences: Students share their favourite types of music and artists.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays
: Practice buying musical instruments, attending a music class, or discussing favourite songs with friends.
Discussion Questions: What instrument would you love to learn and why? Who is your favourite musician?
Vocabulary Games: “Musical Genre Match-Up” where students connect music styles with their characteristics or “Instrument Bingo” with pictures and names of instruments.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Band: Students create a band, deciding on the type of music, the instruments used, and describe a concert.
Musical Talent Show: Host a class event where students can showcase their musical skills or favourite songs.
Music Quiz: A fun quiz about different musical instruments and famous musicians.