Visual English 5
Unit 11 Where are you going


Embark on the “Directional Drills” unit! 🧭 This ESL module introduces prepositions and directional phrases for describing locations and movements, enhancing communication skills in English. πŸ—ΊοΈ


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This unit not only teaches practical language skills but also encourages students to think critically about how they interact with and describe the space around them. Ready to guide your way through English with ease? Let’s set the direction and go! 🌟

Basic Location Prepositions:
🐦 “Where is the canary?” – Explore phrases like “in front of,” “on,” “between,” “under,” “behind,” “in,” and “next to.”
πŸ›Œ Entering and Exiting Spaces: Use “into” and “out of” for actions like getting into bed or walking out of the bathroom.
Directional Movements:
🏞️ “Above and Below”: Discuss objects or locations being “above” or “below” something else.
πŸ”„ “Up and Down”: Explore how these terms relate to actions like climbing mountains or walking up and down stairs.
Pathways and Movement:
↔️ “Towards and Away From”: Describe movement towards or away from a place or person.
πŸŒ‰ “Across and Along”: Use when describing crossing a bridge or walking along a road.
Navigating Through Environments:
🌐 “Around and Past”: Talk about moving around a location or past it.
🚢 “Through and Over”: Discuss passing through a tunnel or jumping over a gate.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays
: Practice asking for directions, describing where items in a classroom are, or how to navigate to places.
Discussion Questions: How do you find your way in a new city? What directional words do you use most often?
Vocabulary Games: “Directional Bingo” with spatial vocabulary or “Find and Describe” where students locate items and use prepositions to describe their position.
Fun Activities:
Map Quest: Students create maps of a fictional place using the directional language they’ve learned.
Scavenger Hunt: Organize a classroom scavenger hunt where students must use directional clues to find hidden items.
Preposition Art: Draw scenes depicting various prepositions, like a bird above a tree or a cat under a table.