Visual English 5
Unit 1
School Tour


Embark on the “School Tour” unit! 🎒📚 This ESL module guides students through school areas, introducing facilities and activities. Perfect for practising English discussions about school life, making learning fun and interactive. 🏫🚌


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This unit not only teaches about the physical layout of schools but also encourages students to think about how they use each space and articulate these thoughts in English. Ready for a tour around your school with fresh eyes? Let’s navigate and learn together! 🌍📖

School Facilities:
🏫 Primary School: Discuss the structure and role of primary education.
🏢 Office: Where administrative tasks occur; often houses the headmaster/headmistress.
💪 Gym: A place for physical education and sports.
🍽️ Canteen/Tuck Shop: Where students eat lunch and buy snacks.
📚 Library: A quiet area for reading and studying.
🌟 After School Care: Where students stay post-school for various activities.
Special School Areas:
🧥 Cloakroom: For changing shoes and storing outdoor clothing.
🏫 Classroom: The primary area for lessons and learning.
Sports Field: Where outdoor sports and activities take place.
🤾 Playground: A space for free play and informal activities.
🎨 Art Room: Creative space for drawing, painting, and crafting.
🎼 Music Room: Where students learn and practice music.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays
: Simulate asking for directions within the school, describing a typical school day, or discussing favourite and least favourite school areas.
Discussion Questions: What is your favourite part of the school and why? How does your school compare to others?
Vocabulary Games: “Find the Place” where students match descriptions of school activities with the correct location.
Fun Activities:
School Map Creation: Students draw a map of their school, labelling different areas and describing what happens in each.
Dream School Design: Imagine and describe an ideal school with any facilities they wish.
School Day Schedule: Create a schedule of a typical day at school, using English to detail activities and times.