Visual English 4
Unit 9 Let’s go camping


🏕️ This fun ESL module immerses students in nature, exploring camping activities from setting up tents to singing around the campfire. Learn essential vocabulary related to camping gear, activities, and etiquette rules while practising English dynamically. 🌲🔥


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This unit not only teaches practical English related to outdoor activities but also immerses students in the aspects of camping, teamwork and survival skills. Ready to pitch your tent and explore the great outdoors? Let’s pack up and head to the campsite! 🌟🏞️

Camping Essentials:
🎒 Backpack: Essential for carrying camping gear.
Tent: Your home away from home in the wild.
🛏️ Sleeping Bag: Keeps you warm and cozy at night.
🔦 Torch: A must-have for navigating the dark.
🍢 Campfire: Central for warmth and cooking marshmallows.
Activities at the Campsite:
🥾 Hiking: Exploring trails in the mountains, forests, or along beaches.
🎣 Fishing: Relaxing by a river, lake, or sea.
📷 Taking Photos: Capturing memories with a camera or mobile phone.
🍔 Grilling: Cooking sausages, hamburgers, or vegetables on an open flame.
Building and Safety:
🔥 Building a Tent: Learning to set up a tent in various environments.
🌲 Collecting Firewood: Gathering wood for the campfire.
🔥 Making a Campfire: The skills needed to safely start and maintain a fire.
🎶 Singing Around the Campfire: Enjoying music and stories in the evening.
Campsite Rules:
🤫 Noise Restrictions: Keeping quiet after 10 pm.
🚫 Safety Rules: Guidelines about interacting with the campfire, hiking footwear, and swimming in the lake.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice asking for camping supplies, discussing what to do when arriving at a campsite, or enacting a night singing around the campfire.
Discussion Questions: What do you enjoy most about camping? What are the essential items you would bring to a campsite?
Vocabulary Games: “Camping Gear Match-Up” where students link equipment with their uses, or “Campsite Charades” acting out different camping activities.
Fun Activities:
Camping Scenario Creation: Students plan a camping trip, choosing the location, listing necessary gear, and outlining activities.
Campfire Storytelling: A session where students share or invent stories suitable for a campfire setting.
Campsite Rules Debate: Discuss the necessity and fairness of various campsite rules.