Visual English 4
Unit 2


📱🔌 This ESL module explores common electronic devices that shape daily lives. From cameras to laptops, students discuss uses and preferences, enhancing vocabulary through fun, interactive discussions. 📷đŸ’ģ


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Common Gadgets:
📱 Mobile Phone: Essential for communication and entertainment.
🎧 Headphones: For private listening, whether music or calls.
đŸ’ģ Laptop/Computer: Versatile tools for work, study, and play.
📷 Camera: Capturing moments through photographs.
📖 E-Book Reader: Convenient way to read and carry multiple books.
🎮 Game Console: For gaming enthusiasts.
đŸ“ē Television: Main source of visual entertainment and information.
📟 Pen Drive: Portable storage device for data transfer.
Interactive Uses:
📞 Making Calls and Texting: Discuss the frequency and preferences for smartphone use.
đŸŽĩ Listening to Music: Preferences in devices and music genres.
🕹ī¸ Playing Video Games: Discuss types of games enjoyed on various consoles.
🌐 Surfing the Internet: Activities preferred online, from shopping to social media.
📚 Reading E-Books: Compare the use of e-book readers to traditional books.
Gadget Maintenance:
🔌 Charging Devices: Routines around keeping gadgets powered.
🛠ī¸ Managing Gadgets: Organizing and caring for devices.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Discussion Questions: Which gadget could you not live without? How have gadgets improved your daily life?
Vocabulary Games: “Gadget Match-Up” where students connect gadgets with their functions or “Gadget Guess Who” describing a gadget for others to guess.
Fun Activities:
Gadget Show and Tell: Students bring a favourite gadget and explain how it works and why they like it.
Invent a Gadget: Create a concept for a new gadget that could revolutionize daily tasks.