Visual English 4
Unit 15
At the circus


This ESL module introduces students to the thrilling world of the circus, featuring various circus roles, from acrobats to clowns. Through fun conversations and descriptive language, students learn to discuss circus acts, express feelings about the circus, and explore job interests among performers. πŸ€Ήβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ


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This unit not only teaches about the circus but also engages students in discussions about careers, ethics, and personal experiences related to this magical entertainment form. Ready to clown around and learn English? Let’s raise the big top and start the show! πŸŽͺ🌟

Circus Characters:
🎩 Ringmaster: Guides the show, often seen as fascinating and authoritative.
🀑 Clown: Known for humour and antics, sometimes loved or feared.
🀸 Acrobat: Performs breathtaking routines, showcasing flexibility and strength.
πŸƒ Juggler: Handles multiple objects in the air, demonstrating skill and concentration.
🎩 Magician: Captivates audiences with illusions and tricks.
🦁 Animal Tamer: Works with animals, seen as both daring and controversial.
πŸ”₯ Fire Eater: Astounds with the ability to consume fire, a blend of danger and excitement.
πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Rope Walker: Balances on ropes, requiring immense focus and bravery.
🎭 Trapeze Artist: Engages in high-flying manoeuvres, thrilling spectators.
πŸ‹οΈ Strongman: Displays extraordinary physical strength.
🎭 Mime: Communicates through body motions without speaking.
Circus Activities:
🎟️ Visiting the Circus: Discuss experiences and favourite acts.
🐘 Circus Animals: Talk about the types of animals seen and the tricks they perform.
πŸŽͺ Design a Circus Tent: Engage in a creative activity to design a circus tent.
🀹 Learning Circus Skills: Explore interest in learning basic circus skills like juggling or miming.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Simulate buying circus tickets, choosing favourite acts, or being a circus performer.
Discussion Questions: Are you afraid of clowns? What circus job would you like to try?
Vocabulary Games: “Circus Act Charades” where students act out different roles, or “Match the Circus Job” connecting jobs with descriptions and actions.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Circus Attraction: Students draw and describe five circus attractions in their tent.
Circus Skills Workshop: Organize a mini-event where students can try simple circus skills like juggling or miming.
Circus Debate: Discuss the ethics of using animals in circus performances.