Visual English 4
Unit 13 At the playground


🎠 This ESL module introduces playground equipment and actions. From swinging on swings to crawling through tunnels, students learn and discuss playground activities, enhancing vocabulary and conversational skills in an engaging way.


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This unit not only teaches about playground activities but also encourages physical descriptions and expressions of feelings and preferences. Ready to swing into action and learn English in a playful environment? Let’s jump to it!

πŸŒˆπŸš€ Playground Equipment:
πŸŒͺ️ Swing – Swinging: Learn about the fun of swinging back and forth.
βš–οΈ Seesaw – Rocking: Explore the up and down motion of seesaws.
πŸ› Slide – Sliding: Discuss sliding down and the thrill it brings.
πŸ’ Monkey Bar – Hanging: Talk about the challenge of hanging from bars.
πŸ–οΈ Sand Pit – Building: Delve into the creativity of building in sand.
🎠 Merry Go Round – Turning: Experience the dizzying fun of turning around.
πŸͺ‘ Bench – Sitting: The simple act of resting on a bench.
🐎 Spring Rider – Riding: The excitement of bouncing up and down.
🌴 Jungle Gym – Jumping/Crawling: Navigate through climbing and moving.
πŸš‡ Tunnel – Crawling: The adventure of crawling through enclosed spaces.
πŸͺœ Ladder – Climbing: The challenge and achievement of climbing up.

Engaging ESL Conversations:

Role Plays: Practice asking to play on equipment or inviting a friend to join in a game.
Discussion Questions: What is your favourite playground equipment and why? How do you feel when playing on different playground structures?
Vocabulary Games: “Playground Match-Up” where students connect words to the correct equipment, or “Action Bingo” with verbs like swinging, sliding, and climbing.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Playground: Students draw or design their ideal playground, including their favourite equipment.
Playground Safety Rules: Discuss and create a list of safety rules for playground use.
Equipment Scavenger Hunt: Have a scavenger hunt using photos or descriptions to find and identify playground equipment.