Visual English 4
Unit 11
Daily routines


This unit not only introduces vocabulary related to daily routines but also prompts students to discuss and share their own experiences in everyday activities. Let’s begin from the moment we wake up! 🌟


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This unit not only familiarizes students with vocabulary related to daily routines but also encourages them to discuss and share their own experiences, fostering a greater understanding of cultural differences in everyday activities. Ready to walk through a day in English? Let’s start from the moment we wake up! 🌟

Morning Routines:
πŸ›οΈ Getting Up: Talk about waking up and starting the day.
🦷 Brushing Teeth: Discuss morning and evening dental care.
πŸ‘— Dressing Up: Share how quickly or leisurely one gets ready.
🍽️ Having Breakfast: Describe typical breakfast foods and preferences.
School and Work Activities:
🏫 Going to School: Modes of transportation to school.
πŸ“š Having Lessons: Number of lessons and favourite subjects.
πŸ“ Doing Homework: Where and when homework is done.
Leisure and Social Activities:
πŸ‘« Hanging Out: Preferences for spending time with friends.
πŸƒ Doing Sports: Discuss engagement in physical activities at school.
Midday and Evening Routines:
🍴 Having Lunch/Dinner: Foods eaten at these meals and who prepares them.
πŸ›€ Taking a Bath/Shower: Preferences between bathing and showering.
πŸ›‹οΈ Relaxing: Activities done to unwind.
Nighttime Routine:
🌜 Going to Sleep: Discuss bedtime routines and times.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Simulate a day from morning to night, including school, meals, and leisure activities.
Discussion Questions: What is your favourite part of your daily routine? How do you manage your time for homework?
Vocabulary Games: “Routine Relay” where students describe their routines in sequence, or “Guess the Routine” based on a series of activities described.
Fun Activities:
Design Your Ideal Day: Students create a schedule for their perfect day, incorporating new vocabulary.
Routine Swap: Share routines with a partner and discuss differences and similarities.
Daily Routine Charades: Act out different routine actions for others to guess.