Visual English 4
Unit 10
Mother nature


🌀️🌧️ This vibrant ESL module explores various weather conditions and seasons. From sunny days to freezing nights, students enhance vocabulary and conversation skills around meteorology and personal preferences. 🌈🌨️


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This unit not only teaches about the aspects of weather but also encourages students to express how these changes affect their daily lives, making learning both educational and engaging. Ready to talk about the weather and seasons in English? Let’s explore Mother Nature’s ! πŸŒ¦οΈπŸƒ

Exploring the Seasons:
🌷 Spring: Flowers bloom and rain falls.
β˜€οΈ Summer: The weather is hot or even boiling.
πŸ‚ Autumn: Leaves change color and the air cools.
❄️ Winter: Snow covers landscapes and temperatures drop to freezing.
Describing Weather Conditions:
β˜€οΈ Sunny: Clear skies and bright sun.
🌧️ Rainy: Frequent showers; possibly stormy.
β›ˆοΈ Stormy: Thunder and lightning are common.
🌨️ Snowy: Cold with snowfall.
🌫 Foggy: Low visibility with mist and fog.
πŸŒͺ️ Windy: Strong winds, sometimes causing chills.
🌀️ Partly Cloudy: Some sun, some clouds.
Weather Phenomena:
🌈 Rainbow: Colors appear in the sky after rain.
⚑ Lightning: Flashes of light in the sky during storms.
🌩️ Thunder: Loud sounds following lightning.
❄️ Snowflake: Unique icy crystals that fall during winter.
β›„ Snowman: Crafted from snow during cold weather.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice talking about daily weather, planning activities based on forecasts, or describing seasonal changes.
Discussion Questions: What’s your favorite season and why? How does the weather affect your mood and activities?
Vocabulary Games: “Weather Wheel” where students spin to discuss the weather they land on, or “Seasonal Charades” where students act out various weather conditions.
Fun Activities:
Weather Diary: Keep a week-long diary of the weather and how it changes each day.
Seasonal Art: Create artwork representing different seasons using weather-related themes.
Weather Reporter: Act as a weather reporter, describing the current weather and giving a forecast for the next day.