Visual English 3
Unit 8
Let’s go shopping


🛍️🎉 This lively ESL module explores various stores and teaches money handling playfully. Through interactive activities and engaging conversations, students boost their shopping vocabulary and maths while having a blast! 🛒💰


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Types of Shops:
📚 Bookshop: Explore places to buy books.
💐 Florist: Learn about shops selling flowers.
👗 Clothes Shop: Discuss where to buy clothing.
🎲 Toy Shop: Identify where toys are sold.
💊 Pharmacy: Understand the purpose of a pharmacy.
🥕 Greengrocers: Dive into places selling fresh produce.
🍞 Bakers: Learn about bakeries and their offerings.
👟 Shoe Shop: Talk about shopping for footwear.
🍖 Butchers: Explore shops that specialize in meat.
🐾 Pet Shop: Discuss where to buy pets and pet supplies.
Learning Prices and Payments:
💶 Understanding Currency: Learn to identify and use different denominations of money.
💳 Making Transactions: Practice how to ask for prices and make payments.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice dialogues on buying items, asking for prices, or returning goods.
Discussion Questions: What do you like to shop for and why? Which type of shop do you visit most often?
Vocabulary Games: “Price Tag Match” where students match items to their correct prices, or “Shopping Spree” where they plan purchases with a set budget.
Fun Activities:
Shopping List Creation: Students create shopping lists for different scenarios or budgets.
Price Guessing Games: Guess the price of various items to understand value and cost.
Design Your Shop: Students design their own shop, deciding what items to sell and at what price.
This unit not only teaches practical language skills related to shopping but also introduces basic economic concepts and financial literacy. Ready to practice your shopping vocabulary and start calculating expenses? Let’s hit the stores! 🌟🛍️