Visual English 3
Unit 4
My free time


🕰️ 🎨 This engaging ESL module helps students explore hobbies and interests outside of school. Perfect for expressing likes, dislikes, and preferences in English while discussing everyday activities.


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This unit not only teaches vocabulary related to leisure activities but also encourages students to speak about their interests and listen to others, fostering social skills and language development. Ready to dive into your hobbies and discuss them in English? Let’s share what we love doing in our free time! 🌟

Popular Free Time Activities:
🌐 Surf the Internet: Discuss what sites are visited and why.
📷 Take Photos: Talk about using cameras versus smartphones.
🏊 Swim: Share swimming abilities and favourite swimming spots.
💃 Dance: Explore different dance styles and occasions for dancing.
🎤 Sing: Discuss where and when students like to sing.
📚 Read Books: Share favourite books and reading habits.
📺 Watch TV: Talk about favourite shows and TV watching routines.
🎮 Play Games: Discuss types of video games or board games enjoyed.
🚲 Ride a Bike: Explore where students ride and what type of bike they use.
🎵 Play an Instrument: Discuss which instruments are played and how learned.
🍳 Cook: Talk about cooking skills and favourite dishes to make.
🎨 Collect: Delve into what items students collect and why.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Practice conversations about inviting a friend to join an activity, discussing how to spend a rainy day, or explaining how to play a favourite game.
Discussion Questions: What hobbies do you have, and why do you enjoy them? How do you usually spend your free time after school?
Vocabulary Games: “Hobby Match” where students match hobby names with pictures, or “Find the Hobby” where students describe a hobby for others to guess.
Fun Activities:
Hobby Survey: Conduct a class survey to find out the most popular hobbies and present the results.
Create a Hobby Collage: Make a collage representing different hobbies discussed in the unit.
Demonstration Day: Students demonstrate a hobby to the class, explaining why they enjoy it and how they do it.