Visual English 3
Unit 3
Fairy tales


🧚‍♀️✨ Dive into enchanting stories, exploring classic characters and settings. Through role play and storytelling, students enhance their English vocabulary and conversational skills. Perfect for young ESL learners!


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This unit not only immerses students in the magical world of fairy tales but also encourages them to use their imagination, promoting language skills in a creative and engaging way. Ready to step into a land of magic and mystery? Let’s begin our fairy tale adventure! 🌟📚

Fairy Tale Characters:
👑 King and Queen: Discuss the roles and traits of royalty.
🤴 Prince and Princess: Explore the adventures and stories of princes and princesses.
🧙 Wizard and Witch: Delve into the magical powers and mysteries of wizards and witches.
🧜‍♀️ Mermaid: Learn about underwater fairy tale creatures.
🧝 Fairy and Dwarf: Talk about the magical roles these creatures play in stories.
Character Traits and Actions:
💪 Giant: Discuss the characteristics of giants in fairy tales.
🐉 Dragon: Explore the different types of dragons and their stories.
🦄 Unicorn: Describe what makes unicorns special in fairy tales.
Creative Descriptions:
🏰 Castles and Palaces: Discuss settings often found in fairy tales.
🪄 Magical Items: Learn about objects like wands, brooms, and enchanted mirrors.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Role Plays: Act out scenes from well-known fairy tales or create new adventures.
Discussion Questions: Which fairy tale character would you like to be and why? What magical powers would you want to have?
Vocabulary Games: “Match the Character” where students connect characters with their descriptions, or “Who Am I?” guessing games based on character traits.
Fun Activities:
Create Your Own Fairy Tale: Students write and illustrate a short fairy tale, incorporating the characters and items they’ve learned.
Dress Up Day: Have a day where students can come dressed as their favourite fairy tale characters and describe their costumes.
Fairy Tale Theatre: Put on a mini-play using the fairy tales studied in class.