Visual English 3
Unit 16


🐞 🌼 “Creepy Crawlies Unleashed!” Dive into the intriguing world of bugs with this ESL unit. From buzzing bees to wiggly worms, discover the wonders of bugs while sharpening English skills in a fun-filled adventure!


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This unit aims to transform fear into fascination by offering a comprehensive look into the world of bugs, making it an ideal blend of educational content and engaging activities for ESL learners. Ready to embark on this bug adventure? Let’s get started!

Bug Identification:
πŸͺ° Fly
Understanding Fears:
😱 Addressing Insect Fears: Engage in discussions about why certain insects might evoke fear, such as spiders, ants, or mosquitoes.
πŸ•·οΈ Studying Physical Traits: Examine characteristics like leg count, ability to jump, and flight capability.
Interactive and Engaging Learning:
🎨 Draw a Butterfly Activity: Develop artistic skills through a detailed exploration of butterfly anatomy.
🧩 Match the Bug Features Game: Apply knowledge by matching insects to their features and abilities.
Conversational English Practice:
Describing Bugs: Use descriptive language to talk about various insects, enhancing vocabulary and grammatical skills.
Expressing Opinions: Foster discussions about personal preferences regarding different insects to practice constructing arguments and expressing thoughts in English.
Guessing Game: Challenge students to identify insects based on descriptive clues, improving critical thinking and listening skills.
Creative and Fun Activities:
Bug Hunting: Discover where different insects like bees, ants, and spiders live.
Insect Role-Playing: Simulate being various bugs to understand their behaviours and life cycles better.