Visual English 3
Unit 11
What’s the matter?


Explore “What’s the Matter?” unit 🌑️ to understand common ailments and healthcare needs. From identifying symptoms to discussing treatments 🩹, this unit equips ESL students with essential vocabulary and understanding of everyday health issues.


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This unit is designed to make students comfortable discussing health issues, understanding basic treatments, and knowing when professional medical advice is needed. It’s an essential step for young learners to take charge of their health conversations! 🌟

Health Issues Explored:
πŸ€• Common Ailments: Learn terms like headache, stomachache, backache, and more.
🌞 Outdoor and Seasonal Issues: Discuss conditions such as sunburns and colds.
Describing Symptoms and Needs:
πŸ’Š Medical Vocabulary: Introduce basic medical terms and necessary actions when feeling unwell.
🩹 First Aid Essentials: Recognize items like plasters, creams, and the importance of a thermometer.
Interactive Learning Activities:
πŸ—¨οΈ Role-plays on Seeking Help: Practice conversations on how to talk to a doctor or pharmacist.
πŸš‘ Emergency Scenarios: Understand when and how to call for help in urgent health situations.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Symptom Description: Students learn to clearly articulate what they feel and describe their symptoms.
Treatment Options: Discuss various remedies and medical treatments for common ailments.
Health Advice Exchange: Students share personal remedies or practices from their cultural backgrounds.
Fun Activities:
Matching Symptoms with Ailments: A visual matching game to connect symptoms with the correct ailments.
Create a Doctor’s Visit Dialogue: Craft and role-play a dialogue between a patient and a healthcare provider.
Health Kit Assembly: Identify and assemble a basic health kit with essential items.