Visual English 3
Unit 10
My favourite subject


🎓 This unit helps ESL students express preferences about different subjects, understand school routines, and navigate daily school life. 📚🎨


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This unit is perfect for fostering a deeper understanding of school life and personal preferences, helping students articulate their thoughts and feelings in English about their education environment. Ready to explore and express? Let’s dive into the world of learning! 🌟📖

School Basics:
🚌 Transport: Discuss the different ways students can travel to school (e.g., bus, bike, car, on foot).
🏫 School Details: Talk about the start and finish times of the school day, and personal details like the teacher’s name and classroom.
Subject Opinions:
📘 English, Art, Geography, History: Evaluate these subjects based on difficulty, interest, and personal sentiment.
📐 Maths, Music, P.E., Science: Further exploration of each subject with opinions on ease, difficulty, and enjoyment.
Activities and Exercises:
🗣️ Discuss Favourite and Least Favourite Subjects: Students share their preferences and justify their choices.
🎨 Creative Expression: Use art and music as mediums to express feelings about different subjects.

Engaging ESL Conversations:
Likes and Dislikes: Students use adjectives to describe various subjects and explain their reasons.
School Timetable Discussion: Create a dialogue around a typical school day, discussing what subjects are studied and when.
Vocabulary Games: Matching games with subject-related words to enhance vocabulary and spelling skills.
Fun Activities:
Create a Dream Timetable: Students design their ideal school week, picking subjects they wish to learn more about.
Subject Debate: A friendly debate on which subject is the most useful or interesting.
Guess the Subject: Using clues, students guess the subject being described.