Visual English 2
Unit 2
In my classroom


🏫 📚 “My Classroom” unit introduces young ESL learners to common classroom vocabulary, fostering effective communication and interaction within their learning environment.


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This unit not only introduces the physical aspects of a classroom but also engages students in practical usage of English through descriptive and interactive exercises, promoting a well-rounded learning experience

Classroom Vocabulary:Describing Objects:
🚪 Door: Learn the difference between a door and a window.
🪟 Window: Identify and describe the window in the classroom.
🖼️ Picture: Distinguish between a picture and other wall-mounted items.
🛋️ Desk: Recognize and name the desk, distinguishing it from chairs and tables.
🪑 Chair: Identify chairs and describe their attributes.
📚 Bookcase: Understand the use and organization of a bookcase.
⏰ Clock: Learn to tell time and understand the clock’s placement.
💡 Light: Identify different light sources within the classroom.
🖋️ Board: Differentiate between a board and a bookcase.
🎒 Bag: Recognize and describe where bags should be stored.
🍎 Lunch Box: Discuss the importance of storing lunch boxes properly.
🖍️ Supplies: Identify various educational supplies like pencils, crayons, and scissors.
📖 Books: Discuss the use of books for learning and reading.
📄 Paper: Understand the uses of different types of paper in the classroom.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🔍 Listening and Colouring: Listen to descriptions and colour items accordingly to enhance comprehension and following instructions.
🔄 Matching Exercise: Match classroom objects with their names to reinforce vocabulary.
Quantitative Skills:
🧮 Counting Classroom Items: Count how many desks, chairs, or lights are in the classroom to combine maths with language learning.
Descriptive Skills:
🎨 Colour Identification: Learn and identify colours of various classroom objects to enhance descriptive language skills.
Practical Application:
🗣️ Question and Answer Practice: Use phrases like “What colour is the door?” and “How many windows are there?” to encourage asking and answering questions.
Engaging Discussions:
🧑‍🏫 My Favourite Teacher: Discuss and describe why a teacher is a favourite, integrating personal thoughts and classroom vocabulary.