Visual English 2
Unit 16


πŸš— πŸ›΄ “How Do You Get Here?” unit explores transportation for young ESL students, broadening vocabulary and understanding of travel methods through interactive lessons on land, air, and water vehicles.


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This unit not only teaches about different modes of transport but also fosters critical thinking and conversation skills, helping young learners to confidently talk about how they and others get from one place to another. Ready to buckle up and start the journey? Let’s go! 🌟

Types of Transport Explored:
🚲 Land Transportation: Bikes, cars, buses, and trains.
✈️ Air Transportation: Planes and helicopters.
β›΅ Water Transportation: Boats and ships.
Describing Transportation:
🚀 What is it?: Learn to identify different transport vehicles and their characteristics.
πŸš€ Vehicle Functions: Discuss what each type of transport is used for and where it operates.
Interactive Learning Activities:
πŸ–οΈ Match and Colour the Transport: Colour pictures of different vehicles and match them to their names.
🧩 Vehicle Sorting Game: Sort vehicles into their correct categoriesβ€”land, air, and water.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
πŸ—£οΈ Modes of Travel: Encourage discussions on how students come to school each day and what modes of transport they wish to use.
🚌 Favourite Vehicles: Discuss personal preferences for different types of vehicles and why.
Fun Activities:
🎨 Draw Your Ideal Vehicle: Students draw their dream mode of transportation and describe it using newly learned vocabulary.
🌍 Transport Around the World: Explore how people in different parts of the world travel.