Visual English 2
Unit 12
My body


🧍 🖐️ “My Body” unit for young ESL learners delves into body parts and functions. Through engaging activities, students build vocabulary and learn to discuss their bodies in English.


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This unit not only teaches anatomy but also integrates health, hygiene, and physical activities, making learning comprehensive and enjoyable for young learners. Get ready to move, draw, and explore the human body! 🌟

Body Parts Explored:
🦵 Legs, Arms, Head, Shoulders: Learn the names and functions of various body parts.
🦶 Feet and Hands: Focus on identifying features and discussing their uses.
Describing Physical Features:
👄 Facial Features (Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Nose): Describe what each feature does and where it is located on the face.
🦷 Teeth and Hair: Talk about the importance of teeth for eating and hair on the head.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🎨 Draw and Label: Students draw their body and label each part, reinforcing their understanding through art.
👾 Create a Monster: Engage creativity by having students draw imaginary creatures and describe their body parts.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗣️ What Can You Do?: Discuss abilities like grabbing or jumping related to hands and legs.
🤔 Comparing Humans to Animals: Talk about how human body parts compare to those of animals (like hands vs. paws).
Fun Activities:
🔄 Body Part Simon Says: A game where students perform actions based on body part commands.
🖼️ Body Part Bingo: Play bingo with cards that have pictures of body parts instead of numbers.