Visual English 2
Unit 1
Days of the week


📅 “Days of the Week” unit for young ESL learners introduces weekdays and weekends, teaching day names and sequence through interactive activities for improved temporal awareness and vocabulary.


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This unit not only teaches the names and sequence of the days but also integrates these into the students’ understanding of weekly activities and cultural variations, making it a comprehensive exploration of how we organize time. Get ready to enjoy a week full of learning and fun! 🌈

Learning the Days:
📆 Names and Order: Students learn the names of the days and their correct order, from Monday to Sunday.
🔤 Spelling and Pronunciation: Focus on the spelling and pronunciation of each day.
Associating Activities with Days:
🍽️ Daily Activities: Link days of the week to regular activities, such as going to school or visiting the park.
📚 Story Time: Use stories like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to reinforce the days of the week in a narrative context.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🖍️ Colouring Days: Colour-code the days based on activities or feelings (e.g., blue for calm Sundays).
🎲 Sequence Games: Engage in games that require putting the days in order or matching days with typical activities.
Daily Routines and Rhythm:
Understanding Time: Discuss what can happen on different days, like sports on Saturdays or church on Sundays.
Cultural Differences:
🌍 Weekdays Around the World: Explore how different cultures view the week, discussing weekends and school days globally.
Crafts and Creations:
🎨 Create a Weekly Calendar: Craft a simple weekly calendar to help visualize the days and their activities.
🗓️ Fill-in-the-Blank Exercises: Worksheets to practice writing and recognizing the names of the days.