Visual English 1
Unit 9
Seasons of the year


🌷 🌀️ Explore the “Seasons of the Year” unit, tailored for young ESL learners! Dive into spring, summer, autumn, and winter with fun activities highlighting seasonal changes and cultural events.


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This unit is perfect for broadening students’ understanding of the earth’s cycles, helping them to not only learn new vocabulary, but also to understand the global context of seasons. Let’s embrace the changes together and learn about the seasons of the year! 🌍🌟

Exploration of the Four Seasons:
🌱 Spring: Discover the signs of spring, from blooming flowers to warmer weather.
β˜€οΈ Summer: Discuss the characteristics of summer, such as long days and the activities that come with warm weather.
πŸ‚ Autumn: Learn about the changes that occur in autumn, including falling leaves and cooler temperatures.
❄️ Winter: Examine the features of winter, focusing on cold weather and snow.
Seasonal Activities and Characteristics:
🌦️ Weather Patterns: Understand how weather changes with each season and what typical activities can be done in each.
🎨 Colour the Seasons: A creative activity where students colour scenes representing different seasons to reinforce their learning about seasonal changes.
Interactive Learning Activities:
πŸ”„ Match the Seasons: Match images and descriptions to the correct season to solidify understanding of what defines each one.
πŸ“ Seasonal Differences: Students list activities, holidays, and weather patterns unique to each season.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
πŸ—£οΈ Favourite Seasons: Students discuss their favourite season and explain why using seasonal vocabulary.
🌐 Cultural Events: Explore different cultural events and holidays associated with each season, enhancing cultural awareness.
Fun Activities:
πŸ–ΌοΈ Seasonal Art Projects: Create art projects that depict various seasonal scenes, from spring flowers to winter snowflakes.
🎭 Role-Play Weather Reporters: Students pretend to be weather reporters, providing forecasts for different seasons, practising their speaking and presentation skills.