Visual English 1
Unit 8
I have crazy hair


🎨 🌈 Dive into “Crazy Hair,” where young ESL learners discover diverse hairstyles and colours! Engaging activities boost vocabulary and creativity.


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This unit is perfect for nurturing a deeper understanding of personal presentation and diversity in hairstyles, making it a dynamic and inclusive way for students to engage with each other and learn English. Ready to style up your English? Let’s dive into the world of crazy hair! ✂️🌟

Types of Hair Explored:
💇 Variety of Styles: Learn about different hairstyles such as fair, dark, short, long, curly, and straight hair.
Describing Hair Characteristics:
👧 Identify and Describe: Students will identify and describe hair types using adjectives like curly, straight, long, and short.
🖍️ Draw and Colour: Activities involve drawing hairstyles on various templates, encouraging creativity and application of new vocabulary.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🖼️ Match the Hair Style Game: Match hairstyles to correct descriptions to reinforce understanding of hair-related vocabulary.
✍️ Create a Hairstyle Gallery: Students draw their own or fictional characters’ hairstyles, labelling them with descriptive words learned in class.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗣️ Discuss Personal Preferences: Talk about personal preferences for hairstyles and reasons why certain styles are favoured.
💬 Haircare Routines: Share and learn about different haircare routines from around the world, enhancing cultural awareness and vocabulary.
Fun Activities:
🎭 Role-Play Hair Salon: Students act as hairstylists and clients, using their new vocabulary to discuss styles and make ‘hairstyle suggestions’.
🧩 Hair Puzzle Making: Create puzzles from pictures of different hairstyles for peers to solve, making learning interactive and fun.