Visual English 1
Unit 6


🔷 🟢 “Shapes” Unit: Explore basic geometry with colourful activities! Perfect for young ESL learners to learn shape names and properties. 🎨🔵


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This unit makes learning about shapes an exciting visual experience, designed to stimulate understanding and use of English in describing everyday objects. Let’s shape up our knowledge with fun and colour! 🌈

🟥 Basic Shapes: Learn about simple shapes like squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, ovals, hearts, diamonds, and stars.
🎨 Colour Association: Recognize each shape by associating it with specific colours and enhancing visual learning.
Describing Shapes:
📐 Properties of Shapes: Discuss how many sides each shape has, or whether it’s round or angular.
🖍️ Shape and Colour Matching: Match shapes with their correct names and colours, reinforcing vocabulary and recognition skills.
Interactive Learning Activities:
✏️ Finish the Pictures: Complete partially drawn shapes to better understand their structures.
🔍 Find the Shape: A game where students identify shapes from a set of mixed images, boosting their observation and categorization skills.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗨️ Favourite Shapes and Colours: Students discuss their favourite shapes and why they like them, using adjectives and colour vocabulary.
🧩 Guess the Shape: Play a guessing game where clues lead to discovering a shape, promoting the use of descriptive language and listening skills.
Fun Activities:
🖌️ Shape Art Projects: Create art projects focused on different shapes, encouraging creativity while practising English.
🧮 Shape Sorting Games: Sort various items by shape, helping to solidify understanding of shapes in a practical setting.