Visual English 1
Unit 4
How are you?


🌟 🌈 Explore “How Are You?” We teach our young learners to build their emotional vocabulary in English! 🎭😊


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This unit aims to develop foundational skills in young learners, making them comfortable in expressing and recognizing feelings in themselves and others, enhancing their ability to interact empathetically and appropriately in social situations. Let’s get in touch with our feelings and learn to express them clearly! 🌈

Feelings and States Explored:
😊 Emotions: Learn to express basic emotions like happy, sad, scared, and angry.
🌡️ Physical States: Discuss sensations like being hot, cold, hungry, and thirsty.
Describing Physical and Emotional States:
🔄 Vocabulary Expansion: Introduce words and phrases related to feelings and everyday physical states.
🤒 Symptom Description: Teach students how to describe what they feel physically, which can be useful in health-related contexts.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🖍️ Draw the Faces: A creative activity where students draw faces depicting different emotions.
Feeling Matching Game: Match feelings and states with corresponding facial expressions or scenarios.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
💬 Daily Check-ins: Encourage students to share how they are feeling each day, fostering a routine of expressing emotional and physical states.
📚 Story Reactions: Discuss characters’ feelings in stories to enhance empathy and understanding of context.
Fun Activities:
🎭 Role-Play Different Scenarios: Students act out various scenarios to practice expressing and recognizing different feelings and states.
🧩 Emotion Charades: A game where students guess emotions based on their peers’ expressions and actions.