Visual English 1
Unit 2
May I borrow


🖍️ 📓 Explore the “May I Borrow Your?” unit for young learners! Learn to request and talk about school items politely. 🎒✏️


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This unit is crafted to foster polite communication and awareness of everyday objects in the school environment, enhancing young learners’ practical vocabulary and social interaction skills in English. Get ready to share and care in the classroom! 📘🖊️

Classroom Items Covered:
✏️ Writing Instruments: Pen, pencil, rubber, sharpener.
📚 Reading and Writing: Book, notebook.
🖍️ Art Supplies: Crayons, glue.
🎒 Other Essentials: School bag, pencil case, scissors.
Language Skills Developed:
🗣️ Polite Requests: Learn how to ask for items politely using phrases like “May I borrow your…?”
🌈 Colours and Descriptions: Describe items using colours and simple adjectives.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🖼️ Matching Game: Match items with their correct names and colours.
👫 Role-Play: Practice asking and lending items with classmates.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
💬 Item Preferences: Discuss preferences for different school items based on colour and type.
📖 Usage Discussions: Talk about how and when different items are used in school.
Fun Activities:
🎨 Design Your School Item: Draw and colour your ideal school item, like a dream notebook or a fancy pen.
🔄 Item Swap: A fun activity where students trade items and discuss why they chose certain items to trade.