Visual English 1
Unit 18 What’s the weather like?


🌦️ 🌈 “How’s the Weather?” is an engaging unit tailored for young ESL learners to investigate weather phenomena, broaden their weather-related vocabulary, and converse about daily and weekly forecasts in an interactive manner.


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This unit aims to equip young learners with the language tools needed to talk about the weather, an essential part of daily conversations, enhancing their confidence and conversational skills in English.

🌧️ Common Weather Types: Introduce terms like sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, stormy, and frosty.
🌡️ Temperature and Feel: Discuss how to describe temperature and the general feel of the day (e.g., hot or cold).
Describing Weather Patterns:
☁️ Daily Weather Descriptions: Teach students how to observe and describe the weather each day.
Weather Across the Week: Help students learn to track and record weather throughout the week, enhancing their ability to observe patterns.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🎨 Draw the Weather: Engage students in drawing activities that reflect various weather conditions, reinforcing their understanding through visual arts.
📅 Weather Calendar Creation: Students create a weekly weather calendar, applying new vocabulary and concepts.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗣️ Discussing Weather Preferences: Students express their likes and dislikes about different types of weather, using specific vocabulary.
🌍 Weather Around the World: Introduce the concept of varying weather in different parts of the world and discuss how it affects daily life and activities.
Fun Activities:
🧩 Matching Weather to Activities: Match weather conditions to appropriate activities (e.g., swimming on a sunny day, building a snowman on a snowy day).
🌤️ Weather Role Play: Engage in role-plays about planning activities based on weather forecasts, encouraging real-life application of language skills.