Visual English 1
Unit 16
Where is the spider?


🔍 🕷️Where’s the Spider? unit, perfect for young ESL learners. Master prepositions of place through engaging activities, accurately describing object and animal locations in English. 🕸️🕸️


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This unit is designed to make learning prepositions engaging and relevant by using familiar and fun contexts. It helps students not only learn to describe locations but also improves their overall spatial awareness in English. Let’s find the spider and more in this adventure of words and positions! 🌟

🛏️ Common Locations: Learn to use prepositions like “on,” “in,” “under,” “behind,” “in front of,” and “between” through examples with familiar objects and animals.
🧸 Variety of Examples: Practice these prepositions using everyday scenarios involving spiders, cats, raccoons, and more to demonstrate different placements.
Describing Object and Animal Locations:
🐈 Animal Positions: Discuss where animals are typically found, using prepositions to describe their exact locations.
📦 Interactive Object Placement: Engage in activities that require placing objects in specified locations according to the prepositions taught.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🖍️ Drawing Based on Prepositions: Draw objects in various positions relative to others to reinforce understanding of spatial terms.
🎲 Preposition Games: Play games that involve moving items or characters to different locations while describing their movements.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗣️ Position Descriptions: Encourage students to describe where things are in the classroom or at home, using new vocabulary.
🏡 Scavenger Hunts: Conduct in-class scavenger hunts where students find items based on descriptive clues involving prepositions.
Fun Activities:
🖼️ Create a Scene: Students create a scene on a piece of paper using stickers or drawings, where they must place items according to teacher descriptions.
🧩 Puzzle Assembly: Assemble puzzles that focus on building scenes, requiring the use of prepositions to describe each piece’s placement.