Visual English 1
Unit 12


🎨 🌈 “What’s Your Favourite Colour?” Unit Overview: Explore colours with fun activities! Learn colour vocabulary and express preferences. 🖌️🌟


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This unit is designed to make learning about colours delightful and informative, encouraging students to observe and describe the world around them more colourfully. Let’s brighten up our English skills with every shade and hue! 🌟

Colour Identification:
🖍️ Basic Colours: Explore primary and secondary colours such as red, yellow, blue, green, orange, and purple.
🌟 Advanced Shades: Discuss more complex colours and shades like silver, gold, and grey.
Describing Objects:
📒 Colourful Objects Association: Learn to associate specific colours with familiar objects like a yellow book, a pink kiwi, or a grey circle.
🍎 Categorization Skills: Enhance categorization skills by grouping objects based on their colour.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🎨 Colour Mixing Experiment: Mix primary colours to create secondary ones, understanding colour theory practically.
✏️ Fill in the Gaps: Practice spelling and recognizing colour words through fill-in-the-gap exercises.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
💬 Favourite Colours: Students discuss their favourite colours and explain why they prefer one over another.
🖼️ Colour Hunt: Go on a classroom scavenger hunt to find objects matching specific colours, enhancing observational skills.
Fun Activities:
🖌️ Colour the Picture: Use a provided colouring sheet to apply learned colours creatively.
🧩 Match the Colours: Match colour names to corresponding swatches or illustrated objects, reinforcing memory and vocabulary.