Visual English 1
Unit 11
How old are you?


🎂 🎈 “How Old Are You?” Unit: Learn numbers and age expressions with fun activities! Perfect for young ESL learners. 🎉🔢


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This unit aims to make learning numbers and discussing age a delightful experience for ESL learners, encouraging them to use English in everyday contexts related to age and celebrations. Ready to celebrate learning? Let’s start the party! 🎊

🎉 Expressing Age: Learn to confidently answer the question, “How old are you?” using numbers.
🕯️ Birthday Contexts: Use birthday celebrations as a practical context for discussing age and learning to count.
Learning Numbers:
🔢 Number Recognition: Identify numbers from 0 to 12 and their corresponding names.
🎨 Colour the Numbers: Associate each number with a specific colour to aid in memory and recognition.
Interactive Learning Activities:
🎂 Draw Candles on the Cake: Visual activity where students draw the correct number of candles on a birthday cake according to their age.
Count the Fingers: Practical counting exercise using fingers to help reinforce the concept of numbers.
Engaging ESL Conversations:
🗣️ Talking About Age: Students practice asking and answering questions about age to improve conversational skills.
🎈 Discussing Birthdays: Share when their birthdays are and what they like to do to celebrate, enhancing vocabulary related to parties and celebrations.
Fun Activities:
🖍️ Colouring Activity: Colour numbers based on instructions, integrating learning with creative expression.
🧩 Spell the Numbers: Fill-in-the-blank activity to practice spelling numbers correctly, reinforcing both number recognition and English spelling skills.