Visual English 0B
Unit 33


🐰 “Easter Time” unit introduces young learners to Easter traditions and symbols through a variety of engaging and educational activities.


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🌷 Label the Bunny: An interactive activity where children label different parts of a bunny, such as ears, eyes, and tail, which helps them learn about animal anatomy in a fun way.
🎵 Easter-themed Songs: Kids can sing along to Easter songs that often include bunnies, eggs, and other related themes, making the learning process enjoyable and musically enriched.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Easter-themed colouring pages including bunnies, Easter eggs, and Easter trees provide a creative outlet for children to express themselves while celebrating the holiday.
🎥 Educational Videos: Engaging videos that might tell stories of Easter or explain the traditions associated with it, such as egg hunts and the Easter bunny, enhancing their understanding of the holiday.
🐣 Egg Decoration: Crafts that involve decorating Easter eggs or creating an Easter tree, which help develop fine motor skills and allow children to engage in traditional Easter activities.
🎨 Creative Crafts: Making Easter crafts, such as paper flowers or bunny masks, which encourage creativity and can be used as festive decorations.
🧩 Matching Games: Games where children match Easter symbols, like eggs to bunnies, helping them improve their memory and cognitive skills while learning about the holiday’s symbols.
📚 Storytelling and Reading: Stories and books about Easter that help children learn about the holiday’s origins and traditions in a narrative format, fostering both imagination and cultural knowledge.