Visual English 0B
Unit 32
I love you!


💕 “I Love You” unit introduces young learners to expressions of affection and love through creative and interactive activities.


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💌 Expression Through Art: Children use provided facial features to express emotions on a heart, helping them understand and convey different feelings such as happiness, sadness, and love.
🎵 Emotion-themed Songs: Kids enjoy songs that are easy to sing along and help them express feelings. For example, “Skidamarink” is a playful song that teaches children about showing affection through simple gestures and words.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Colouring sheets that allow children to work on heart-themed art, where they can express their creativity and understand the symbolism of hearts related to love and care.
🎥 Educational Videos: Videos that show characters expressing kindness and love, providing models of positive interactions and how to express affection appropriately.
🎨 Craft Activities: Hands-on crafts like cutting and gluing coloured paper to create flowers or other symbols of affection, which also helps in developing fine motor skills and following instructions.
🧩 Matching Games: Interactive games where children match related items that symbolize love, such as keys to hearts or envelopes to love letters, fostering cognitive skills and understanding of relationships.
📚 Storytelling with Emotional Learning: Stories that focus on themes of friendship and love, helping children see examples of how to express and receive affection in various relationships.
👥 Discussion and Role-Play: Activities that encourage children to discuss what love means to them and role-play scenarios where they can practice expressing affection, helping in emotional and social development.