Visual English 0B
Unit 30


🎃 “Trick or Treat” unit introduces young learners to the fun and festivities of Halloween, blending playful visuals with interactive learning experiences.


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👻 Matching Costumes and Expressions: Children learn to match different costumes with appropriate expressions, like pairing a “scared” face with a ghost costume, through engaging matching games that develop emotional recognition and vocabulary skills.
🎵 Halloween-themed Songs: Kids enjoy songs such as “Knock, Knock, Trick Or Treat” that incorporate Halloween themes, helping them learn about different costumes and the tradition of trick-or-treating through music.
🖍️ Colouring and Drawing Activities: Sheets that allow children to colour Halloween pumpkins with different facial expressions and draw their own costume ideas, fostering creativity and artistic skills.
🎥 Educational Videos: Short videos that feature Halloween stories or explain the tradition of dressing up and trick-or-treating, providing engaging narratives that capture children’s interest.
👗 Costume Design Games: Interactive activities that allow children to design or choose costumes digitally, helping them understand the concept of dressing up and role-playing.
📚 Creative Writing and Storytelling: Opportunities for children to create their own spooky stories or describe their ideal Halloween night, boosting their imagination and writing skills.
🎨 Make Your Own Mask: Craft activities that involve making Halloween masks or decorating treat bags, offering a hands-on approach to celebrating the holiday.