Visual English 0B
Unit 3
Left and right


🔄 Discover the basics of left and right! This unit helps kids learn about directions and how to tell them apart with fun activities.


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Unit Features with Icons:
🖍️ Color the Arrows: Activities that help distinguish between left and right by coloring directional arrows.
🔄 Directional Exercises: Learn to identify objects positioned on the left and right through guided visual prompts.
🐕 Animal Directions: Use animal pictures to demonstrate directions, enhancing understanding with familiar visuals.
🎒 Classroom Objects Position: Reinforce the left-right concept by identifying the position of everyday objects like pencils and books.
🧍‍♂️ Physical Movements: Engage in physical activities that require moving to the left or right to solidify understanding through movement.
📝 Matching and Sorting: Practice sorting and matching tasks that incorporate the left and right directions to build cognitive skills.