Visual English 0B
Unit 28
Summer clothes


👕 “Summer Clothes” unit introduces young learners to various types of summer clothing, combining colourful visuals with interactive learning experiences.


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👖 Matching Summer Clothes: Children learn to identify and match different summer clothing items such as t-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses through fun matching games that encourage visual recognition and vocabulary building.
🎵 Clothing-themed Songs: Kids enjoy catchy songs that incorporate themes of dressing for summer, such as “Clothing Song” from Dream English Kids, which help reinforce clothing vocabulary in a musical and memorable way.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Colouring sheets that allow children to colour in pictures of summer clothing items, fostering creativity while reinforcing their knowledge of what to wear in hot weather.
🎥 Educational Videos: Short videos that show characters selecting and wearing summer clothes, providing practical examples of how to choose appropriate outfits for the season.
🎨 Interactive Dress-Up Games: Games and activities that allow children to select outfits for a summer day, helping them understand the importance of choosing the right clothes based on the weather.
✏️ Drawing and Design Activities: Worksheets that encourage children to draw and design their own summer outfits, boosting their creativity and understanding of fashion and functionality in summer attire.