Visual English 0B
Unit 27
Ice cream


🍦 “Yummy Ice Cream” unit introduces young learners to the delightful world of ice creams, blending colorful visuals with fun, sensory experiences.


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🍨 Identifying Different Flavours: Children learn about various ice cream flavours through engaging activities that involve matching ice creams with their corresponding flavours and colours.
🎵 Ice Cream-themed Songs: Songs like “Ice Cream Flavours” and “Ice Cream Scoop Song” teach children about the variety of ice cream flavours while encouraging them to sing along and learn rhythmically.
🖍️ Colouring and Designing Activities: Worksheets that allow children to colour in ice cream cones and design their own ice cream by adding different flavours and toppings, enhancing their creativity.
🎥 Educational Videos: Videos such as “Ice Cream Story with Steve and Maggie” provide stories around ice cream adventures, helping children understand sequences and choices in a fun way.
🧮 Counting Activities: Interactive worksheets and videos that incorporate counting, like counting the number of scoops on an ice cream cone, which helps develop early maths.
📚 Storytelling and Sharing: Stories that involve characters sharing or making ice cream, which can introduce concepts of sharing and enjoying treats together.
👥 Taste and Sensory Exploration: Activities that could involve real-life ice cream tasting in a controlled setting, helping kids explore textures and tastes and express their preferences.
📚 Story Time with Practical Lessons: Stories and animations that feature fun summer adventures where characters must choose the right clothing to enjoy their activities, emphasizing practical life skills.